The Coffee

Enjoy Jamaica’s Finest Blue Mountain Coffee. The Blue Mountain area in Jamaica produces some of the finest coffees in the world, with a particularly mellow chocolatey flavour. For centuries it has been revered as some of the best and, therefore, commands a hefty premium to other specialty coffees. At Celltd, we offer to help you supply your guests with our speciality coffee your guests deserve. Creating a sensory experience your guests will always remember and associate with your service and passion.

Barista’s are experts in the science of brewing coffee in various formats. In addition to offering perfectly prepared pour overs, offering precisely pulled espressos and all the drinks that can be crafted from that starting point, complete with creative latte art.

A Q-grader is the coffee equivalent of a sommelier, and it’s a testament to our commitment to quality at every level that someone with this degree of expertise is on hand. It’s a rare occurrence to find a Q-grader at any Michelin Star restaurant.

Having an experienced barista and Q-grader on staff allows US to highlight the quality of our coffee with tastings and a detailed explanation of how the industry has and continues to develop and grow.

Coffee isn’t meant merely to be consumed, it also “acts as a medium, connecting us to the people we love, and inviting us to love others.

Rare like a fine wine

We believe that Specialty coffee should sit on the same stage as fine wine. After all they share a similar commitment and effort from farmers and producers at origin. For both, terroir and climate have a huge influence on the taste profile. Each brings tremendous complexity and enhances a great meal. Jamaica Blue Mountain is one of the finest Specialty single-origin coffees with a beautiful balanced flavour, mild manners and absolutely no bitterness.

Jamaican Blue Mountains has the distinction of being one of the most expensive coffees. Celltd offers an immersive coffee experience that combines tasting of our coffee and pairings.

Our coffee is the most beautiful smooth, rounded coffee. Our Master Roaster has crafted a roasting profile that showcases the qualities locked into the green bean by the perfect climate and terrain. Our silky-smooth and aromatic Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee serves as perfect start to your day, a sublime meal accompaniment or a thoughtful gift for a coffee-lover.

Whatever your relationship to this ancient and complex beverage, look no further than Celltd for the world’s best cup of coffee in a restaurant setting. And expect to see other luxury restaurants following suit in the coming years.