Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee Green Beans 1Kg



Our Jamaican Blue Mountain green coffee beans are 100% Grade 1 Arabica beans and imported under license by JACRA.

Celltd are an authorised Licenced Foreign Importer of Jamaican Blue Mountain green coffee beans through JACRA (Jamaica Agricultural Commodities Regulatory Authority) www.jacra.org

Each one our 100% Grade 1 JBM green coffee bean barrels come with a certification from JACRA and a letter of Conformity this means that every barrel has been tested and meets their high standards.

Green Coffee Bean Specification

Blue Mountain Coffee

Coffee grown in the specially designated area of the Blue Mountains. The coffee has blue green colour, good acidity, intense aroma, good body, clean.

Blue Mountain No. 1

Beans of Screen 17/18 sizes with maximum defects of 2% and maximum of 4% smaller beans. Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee is a speciality coffee receiving a SCA scoring of 82% and above.

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