50G Omni Grind Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee Monthly Plan

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£8.00 / month


A coffee connoisseur’s delight, grown on the rich volcanic soil of the Blue Mountain on the paradise island of Jamaica. The unique combination of soil and micro-climatic conditions specific to the Jamaican Blue Mountain range gives this coffee a flavour and aroma coveted around the world.

Our Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee has a cup profile that will appeal to any palate. The fragrance of the dry grounds is woody and toasty with tobacco, dark chocolate and cherry notes, whilst the aroma in the cup offers up almond, wine gums, citrus and black tea. Jasmine blossom and candied citrus flavour are followed by a sweet chocolate and hazelnut aftertaste. Overall you should find this coffee well balanced and lively, with medium acidity, good body and a smooth mouthfeel.

You recieve 1*50g pack a month.

1 review for 50G Omni Grind Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee Monthly Plan

  1. Jules Wilson

    Great handy packet. Coffee tasted amazing

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