125G Roasted Jamaican Blue Mountain Beans




125g Roasted Jamaican Blue Mountain Beans

A coffee connoisseur’s delight, grown on the rich volcanic soil of the Blue Mountain on the paradise island of Jamaica. The unique combination of soil and micro-climatic conditions specific to the Jamaican Blue Mountain range gives this coffee a flavour and aroma coveted around the world.

The fragrance of the dry grounds is woody and toasty with tobacco, darck chocolate and cherry notes, whilst the aroma in the cup offers up alomond, wine gums, citrus and black tea. Jasmine blossom and candied citrus flavours are followed by a sweet chocolate and hazelnut aftertaste.

Region: Jamaica Blue Mountain
Origin: Single Estate
Type: 100% Arabica Beans
Grade: Speciality

How to Make an Espresso Coffee

A fresh JBM espresso is a treat when it’s made correctly. Take your JBM beans and grind them for espresso – it should feel like sand with a slight grittiness.  If you have a high-quality burr grinder, use it to grind enough beans for one espresso shot. The burrs will do a better job of grinding the beans than a cheap metal blade. Grind the espresso on one of the finest settings, it should feel like sand with a slight grittiness. Grind enough beans to get about 7 grams of espresso. You’ll use this to pull one 1-ounce (30 ml) shot. Or you could use 14 grams to make a double shot. The extraction time should be approximately 25-27 seconds.

If the beans are ground too coarsely, the water will run through them too quickly, so the flavour won’t develop. If they’re too fine, the shot will pull for too long which could make the espresso bitter.

Ensure that your machine is clean and full of filtered water before you prepare the espresso. You’ll need to take out the portafilter (the handled brew basket) and fill it with espresso. Tamp (pack) the espresso down, so it extracts evenly and put it back into the machine. Start (pull) the shot and you should see creamy espresso drip into your cup. Remember to clean your machine and enjoy your handcrafted JBM espresso!

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