What Is Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee

What Is Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee

Of all the world’s most prestigious and celebrated gourmet coffees, few are quite as prestigious as Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee. Likewise, you won’t find many that are more expensive or hard to come across than this exquisite Jamaican coffee.

But what is it about Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee that makes it such a significant cut above the rest? When considering the towering costs of a bag of authentic Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee beans, how does this legendary specialty coffee justify its price?

Why Is Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee So Special

For one thing, Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee can only be produced in a tiny mountainous area with Kingston to the South and Port Antonio to the North. Jamaica’s Blue Mountains are the highest mountains in the Caribbean and the only place in the world Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee can be produced.

Suffice to say, this adds up to relatively difficult working conditions and the impossibility of significant expansion. Most of the farms producing Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee today follow the same processes and principles as they did at their origins – some having been in business for more than 200 years.

So already, you begin to get an idea as to why this celebrated Jamaican coffee isn’t just any quality coffee. It’s a rare, demanding and sought-after commodity, which justifies every penny of its price and more.

Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee Facts:

Every single Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffeebean is picked by hand
Each bean is then painstakingly and individually inspected by hand
Blue Mountain Coffee trees take twice as long to mature
They are also far more demanding and difficult to grow
Jamaica’s total annual coffee output is a mere 14 million lbs
80% of all Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee goes direct to Japan
Every bean is rested for eight weeks in controlled conditions
100% natural sun-drying processes prepare the beans

Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee beans must have a precise 11.5% moisture content to pass inspection
Senior farmers with generations of experience oversee the process

From start to finish, very little machinery and technology is used to cultivate and process Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee. In fact, there’s almost no involvement of machinery whatsoever.

Even the colour sorters used to inspect coffee beans are deemed insufficiently accurate – teams of skilled workers inspect the quality of each and every bean by hand.

It’s only when each bean has passed through an intensive quality control process that it is considered ready to ship. Of all the Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee grown each year, a surprising proportion doesn’t make the cut. Instead, it is retained for domestic use, or sold as more generic Jamaican coffee without the Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee moniker.

So as far as the price is concerned, every Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee bean is worth every penny and more. When you think about the time-consuming and painstaking process that’s brought it to your home in the first place, it really is a small price to pay!

Where To Buy Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee

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The 7 Best Coffee Flavours

The world of coffee is supersaturated with different flavor options. Each is suited not just for unique individuals, but also for different situations. Like fine wine, coffee can be paired with special events, meals, or even times of day depending on your preferences.

The purpose of our list is to put the spotlight on some of the best and most popular coffee flavors that are currently in circulation.

The Most Popular Coffee Flavors:

  1. Highlander Grog

Highlander Grog features a sweet, syrupy flavor profile reminiscent of a pancake breakfast. This will be a great choice for people who favor a milder light roast. The actual coffee taste itself is gentle enough that people who favor lots of cream may actually be able to drink it black.

Cameron’s Coffee makes a great highlander grog that’s available at a price you just won’t find anywhere else. There are also lots of other great options on the market, so feel free to shop around.

  1. Pumpkin Spice

Who doesn’t like pumpkin spice? Though it’s not necessarily a suitable option for any time of year, this is a great flavor for when the leaves begin to change color. It’s a good chance to get into the spirit of the season without loading up on all the fat and calories in some of the popular pumpkin spice lattes and cappuccinos.

Dunkin’ Donuts puts out a particularly high-quality blend that is available at a fairly moderate price.

  1. Hazelnut
    One of the most popular coffee flavors in existence, hazelnut tends to be light, sweet, and buttery. It’s usually associated with a very smooth, mild drinking experience that even those not partial to regular coffees might be able to enjoy. Hazelnut is often considered a dessert coffee flavor, but it also stands strong on its own merits.

Given how popular this blend is, there are tons of different options to choose from. Don Francisco’s Hawaiian Hazelnut Flavored Ground Coffee is a great, moderately priced option. This is a special coffee that is low in acidity and high in flavor, making it perfect for buyers with sensitive stomachs.

  1. Caramel

If someone tells you they don’t like caramel, chances are pretty strong that they’re lying. Caramel coffee is becoming increasingly popular for the simple fact that it is awesome.

These blends tend to be on the sweet side. They usually feature a smooth, though robust, flavor profile and will treat the drinker to a rich and satisfying experience.

Folgers Simply Gourmet Flavored Ground Coffee with Other Natural Flavors, Caramel is a high-quality affordable blend from a company that we all know and love.

  1. Peppermint

It doesn’t get more seasonal than peppermint-flavored coffee. This is a great blend to enjoy come the December holiday season. Just remember that a little bit of grounds goes a long way. Peppermint is a strong flavor that can overwhelm the senses if you aren’t careful.

Starbucks makes a particularly good peppermint blend for the holiday season. It’s a little pricey, but why not splurge?

  1. Kona

Kona is not technically a flavor as much as it is a type of coffee. However, the drinking experience is so unique that it deserved its own special slot on our list.

Kona coffee is made to be far smoother and less acidic than most other coffees. The beans are usually hand-selected and roasted in small batches for the highest possible level of quality.

As a result of this in-depth process, Kona coffee also usually tends to be a little more on the pricey side. However, if you have a sensitive stomach, or you just enjoy really great coffee, it will be well worth the money.

KonaRed is a great option for people who want the best product they can get their hands on.

  1. Birthday Cake

Birthday cake-flavored anything is hard to beat. In the form of coffee, this flavor generally tends to be very sweet and vanilla-like. As a result, it is a good coffee for dessert or for special occasions. Coffee Over Cardio Birthday Cake Flavored Coffee Light Roast Breakfast Blend is a great option for buyers who are looking to treat themselves to something very special.